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Do You Need A Lawyer To Get A Divorce?

Divorcing couples typically want to complete the divorce process as quickly and smoothly as they can. Not all divorces require lawyers, particularly when no party is at fault for the marriage ending, but some individuals may decide to hire them in certain situations and at different stages of the divorce process. Learn the answer to “Do you need a lawyer to get a divorce?” and find out how a Colorado family law attorney from the Colorado Divorce Law Group can assist divorcing couples by calling (720) 593-6442.

Understanding Divorce Proceedings

Divorce refers to the legal process for ending a marriage. Since state law governs divorces, the exact procedures and requirements for divorce can vary between states. One spouse generally initiates divorce proceedings by submitting a divorce petition to the court; next, the spouse serves the other partner with a petition notice.

Following this, the spouse served with the notice may respond or submit a counter-petition. Some states require both parties to attend mediation sessions to overcome any issues between the spouses; after this, the court makes a divorce ruling, which formally ends the marriage. Divorces may involve several different issues, such as child support and custody, property division, spousal support, and debt allocation.

What Is the Cheapest Way To Get a Divorce?

Several methods are available for those wanting to pursue a cheap divorce. Below are some strategies cost-savvy couples may consider pursuing.

Resolving Divorce Issues Without a Lawyer

When a divorce involves many issues between the spouses, this can prolong the proceedings and make it more expensive, particularly concerning legal fees. With this in mind, try to resolve any issues with the other spouse beforehand to reduce the costs involved.

Applying for Fee Waivers or Deferrals


Individuals who cannot afford the court fees may consider applying to have them waived or deferred. Getting court fees waived typically involves submitting evidence of low income and few financial assets, such as proof of receiving Medicaid, food stamps, or other state support. If one of the spouses gains a deferral, this means they eventually repay the court costs, but at a time when their financial situation improves.

Pursuing Uncontested Divorces


Contested divorces occur when the spouses fail to agree on significant issues, such as child custody or the division of property, meaning the court has to intervene. For these divorces, the cases can take significantly longer, increasing the court and legal fees, and the court’s decision may have a major impact on the losing party’s finances.

In contrast, uncontested divorces are faster and, therefore, significantly cheaper, which is a major reason why some divorcing couples opt for this route. These couples agree on the key issues concerning their divorce beforehand, reach a divorce settlement without court intervention, and submit an uncontested divorce petition to avoid lengthy and expensive court battles.

Finding a Pro Bono Divorce Attorney


In some cases, legal resources may be available for free. For instance, certain legal aid institutions receive funding so they can represent individuals who lack the means to fund their own lawyers. Many bar associations run programs that give individuals who meet specific criteria access to pro bono lawyers and free legal advice. Additionally, some lawyers might offer their services for a discount or agree to clients repaying them gradually if they lack the funds.

Understand the answer to “Do you need a lawyer to get a divorce?” in greater detail and learn how a Colorado family law attorney can assist those going through a divorce, or wanting to initiate proceedings, by arranging a consultation with the Colorado Divorce Law Group.

Arranging Divorce Mediation


This process, which is often far cheaper than litigated divorces, entails meeting with the other spouse while a neutral and trained mediator is present. Mediation sessions involve each spouse talking through their issues to reach a solution. The mediator does not make any rulings but instead asks questions and establishes a comfortable environment to help the parties overcome their differences.

Where Do I File for Divorce?

According to the American Bar Association, to obtain a legally-binding divorce, it is necessary to file for one in one of the spouse’s home state. This is the state where one or both spouses vote and pay their taxes. Depending on the state, it might be necessary for spouses who wish to retain professional legal counsel to choose an attorney based in the same county or state as the filing.

How Much Does It Cost To File for Divorce?

Average divorce costs in the United States are approximately $7,000, but the exact costs depend on the circumstances of the divorce. For instance, contested divorces are usually much more expensive, potentially costing tens of thousands of dollars. Conversely, uncontested divorces or divorces where the couple handles everything themselves without using lawyers may cost significantly less, ranging from a few hundred to a couple of thousand dollars.

Due to the differences in fees and procedures between states, the location of the divorce is an influencing factor concerning its cost. Other factors that may impact the cost of divorce include whether the spouses decide to hire lawyers, if the couple has a complex financial situation, whether they can agree on the divorce terms, or if the couple has children.

How Can I Get a Quick Divorce?

Consider the following tips to obtain a quick divorce:

  • File in a state with more favorable rules regarding divorces, such as states with shorter residency or waiting periods or states that do not require a lengthy period of separation before proceedings can begin.
  • Consider hiring an attorney to prepare the divorce papers.
  • Think about pursuing a divorce whereby a team of collaborative attorneys works to resolve the issues between the spouses without attending court.
  • Agree on attending divorce mediation sessions or pursuing an uncontested divorce instead of a contested one.

Contact a Colorado Family Law Attorney Today

Statistics from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) state that the total number of divorces in 2021 was just under 690,000. When this unfortunate life event occurs, it can be useful to learn more about the divorce process and how a seasoned attorney can help individuals fight for their legal rights. Gain a more detailed answer to “Do you need a lawyer to get a divorce?” and explore your legal options when a marriage breaks down by contacting the Colorado Divorce Law Group at (720) 593-6442.