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Brandi has a comforting bedside manner, an eye on reality, and the ability to treat clients like human beings. It was a tough war to fight but I’m sure glad I had her on my side.


Brandi poured her heart and legal and courtroom talents into our case.

Craig R

Not only did Brandi provide extremely qualified and effective professional services, bringing this challenging case to a successful conclusion. Truly amazing was the atmosphere of comfort and confidence she managed to create while tackling the most difficult, critical and sensitive issues I had to face.


Having Brandi as my lawyer through my divorce was a God send. She listened, trusted in what I was saying, and was the perfect advocate for me to feel heard in court. We were up against a real piece of work, a lawyer who liked to play dirty and Brandi never backed down


Brandi was always a step ahead and knew just how to handle the situation. The work that Brandi has done is priceless to me.


Within 10 minutes of sitting down with her during my consultation, I could see that Brandi was not only brilliant, but she was emotionally invested in my child and my case. As a legal professional, and as a mom, it was clear that she put her heart into this!

J. S.

“Long story short, we went to trial 4 times in 4 different courts. The entire case took 7 years and countless turns and twists. Brandi was ahead of the opposing sides’ moves every time. She was thorough and her knowledge of the law was astounding.”


Littleton Divorce and Family Lawyers

Our Family Law Firm

Family and divorce law is about helping individuals manage not only legal complexities but the emotional struggle of facing an uncertain future. It is about our legal team being human and sensitive and empathetic to this big change that is occurring in our clients’ lives, and guiding you towards a path of self-appreciation, strength, and financial stability.

The Colorado Divorce Law Group was built upon a long history of helping families through the most challenging times of their lives. This is really the niche in which our Littleton divorce and family attorneys are experts.

Our approach is aimed to assist the whole client – you are more than a person going through a divorce, a custody battle, or a financial crisis. Our holistic approach aims to move with you during this transition, to be the first ones there to support you when you reach the other side of this battle.

There is life after this divorce. There is life after this custody battle. There is life after this next legal battle, whatever it may be. Having seen countless others through this process, we assure you, we will get you to the other side.

10.0Brandi Mikel Petterson

How A Littleton Divorce Attorney
Can Be An Advocate

Deciding to divorce is likely the most difficult decision you may face. Beyond the emotional pain that is often involved in this decision, a divorcing couple in Littleton must also determine how to divide their shared assets including financial accounts, real estate, personal property, business interests, retirement accounts and so much more.

If you share children together, difficult decisions will be made regarding how to live separately yet raise the children you will always share together. Putting emotions aside to determine what is best for your children can be a difficult task.

Each decision in a divorce can impact another, separate aspect of your divorce. It’s important to have an experienced divorce attorney by your side to advise you about how one decision relates to another and to consider all issues through various different lenses. If you are not considering every potential aspect, you can end up overlooking important details that may inadvertently cost you now or in the future.

Our Practice Areas

A caring, perceptive family law firm can be a tremendous advocate in times of personal upheaval such as divorce or a child custody dispute. Working closely with a Littleton divorce and family attorney requires great trust.

Contested Child Custody
Contested Child Custody
Complex Asset Allocation
Complex Asset Allocation
Financial Support
Financial Support
Understand Your Rights Regarding Child Custody and Support

Another area that a family lawyer in Littleton could help involves child custody and support. While these are two unique aspects of family large, they are largely intertwined given that the custody of a child plays a part in determining whether support is necessary.

A large number of child custody and support cases occur as part of the divorce process. However, that is not always the case. Child custody disputes can occur regardless of whether the parents have ever been married. If custody is at issue, child support will likely come up as well.

When it comes to child custody, the most important factor is a child’s best interest. The court will take into account the desires of each parent and even potentially of the child, but ultimately the judge must order a custody arrangement that will, in their view, best serve the child. When it comes to determining child support, the court will order financial support for a custodial parent based on the amount of the child’s living expenses on the parent’s shoulders.


Discuss Your Options With Our
Littleton Divorce And Family Lawyers

Our experienced Littleton divorce and family lawyers understand that divorce may be a complicated, emotional time for you. Many important decisions need to be made that consider your current situation as well as your future.

An attorney in the Littleton area can work to help you emerge from your divorce in a better financial, legal, and personal situation than you may have imagined. Call today to schedule a consultation.

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